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Press reviews


“{...} particularly Laura Ruhi Vidal (Zerlina),... rise above the hiper-melodramatic to bring a more actorly depth to their performance, creating a delicate chairoscuro of emotion with a single look. Vidal is particularly impressive, with a constant focused performance which has a true actor's intensity and is perfectly suited to the intimate surroundings of the Tobacco Factory.”

Don Giovanni, October 2016 (Toby O'Connor Morse; Bristol 24/7)

“It was Laura Ruhi Vidal who struck the ideal dramatic note bringing a wonderful mix of naivety, and sexual mischief to the role of Zerlina. The way in which she accepted then rejected Don Giovanni's advances, and teased her lover Masetto, a lovely confused suitor in the hands of Bradley Travis, was a delight.”

Don Giovanni, October 2016 (Gerry Parker; Bristol Post)

“Laura Ruhi Vidal is a delightfully coquettish Zerlina, and her stormy relationship with Bradley Travis’s bemused Masetto is the source of much fun. Their comically sensual reconciliation scene is yet another memorable moment.”

Don Giovanni, October 2016 (Mike Whitton, Stage Talk Magazine)

“{...} and Laura Ruhí-Vidal proved well-equipped to meet the not inconsiderable technical demands of the role. Norina has two big arias, both requiring considerable stamina, and Ruhí-Vidal’s efforts revealed a sure technique and personable stage presence. Her elaborations remained crisp and clear throughout the aria de sortie and rondo-finale; and, she has a fresh, appealing sound…”

I pazzi per progetto, March 2015 (Claire Seymour; Opera Today)

“{...} The second-cast Bathsheba, Laura Ruhi-Vidal, has effortless stage presence and glows by the time of the second-act duet – this sounds like a Strauss Sophie in the making.”

The Cunning Peasant, October 2014 (David Nice; The Arts Desk)

“Laura Ruhí was such a pleasant surprise for us. We left the concert wanting to hear more of her delicious interpretations. With a very beautiful voice, she sang with such a precise lieder line, expressing emotion, warmth and good taste. Another voice that must be followed {...}”

Schubertíada de Vilabertran, August 2014 (Jaume Comellas; Revista Musical Catalana)



“Laura Ruhí Vidal gives a fabulous performance as the brave, resourceful Girl, singing Garner’s lyrical harmonies with warmth and colour, and giving her role a great sense of innocence determined to trounce adversity.”

East of the Sun, West of the Moon, July 2014 (Charlotte Valori; Tête à Tête Festival)



“soprano Laura Ruhí Vidal who injected each piece with great character and charm”

Concert for the Anglo Spanish Society, April 2012 (A.Jones & E.Cooper)

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